How To Help Us

If you would like to be kept informed of what is going on in the life of our Church via regular newsletters – and maybe contribute towards the everyday work of St Mary’s – then your joining us as one of our Friends would be a great way of doing this. 

Please click HERE for further information on becoming a ‘Friend of St. Mary’s’, Sullington

Although no church has a built-in right to the generosity of the people who support it, it does cost a considerable amount to maintain a Grade I listed ancient building and run a thriving community, and all local churches now have to support themselves. Any donation – large or small – will be very gratefully received and much appreciated. Please speak to Gail on 01903 745754.

Any organisation and particularly a voluntary one like St Marys, Sullington depends on people’s time, effort, and their goodwill. An event such as the Flower Festival takes many, many hours of cake baking, seed and plant nurturing, arranging displays, organising rotas, sweeping floors, moving tables, cleaning, directing traffic and pouring tea – but the warm feeling of involvement in the community makes it truly worthwhile. Please speak to Ann on 01798 813481 or John on 07841 204330 if you would like to help us.

Consider remembering St Mary’s, Sullington in your will so that this church and its churchyard – which have been loved and cared for by so many successive generations in the past – will continue to be a place of peace and beauty for many more generations to come.

We at St Mary’s church, Sullington have recently produced a booklet, for those on our electoral roll, outlining the church’s financial position. We are proud to have, for the last few years, paid 100% of the contribution towards diocesan expenses asked of us by the Diocese of Chichester – this contribution covers costs such as clergy wages, housing and pensions. In 2024 the contribution will amount to an estimated £40,000 and is the only cost over which we have no control.

However, the Diocesan contribution, and all our other significant costs relating to church maintenance, continue to increase and we have reached the point where expenses are outweighing our income. We urgently need to redress this balance and have created the booklet as a request for increased financial support. We do not want anyone to give what they cannot afford but are asking all those interested in St Mary’s church, Sullington to consider giving a small, regular financial gift to our church. If we all pull together – we will each make a difference.

You may not be on the church’s electoral roll but may still be interested to see our booklet or discuss our position. If so, please do not hesitate to contact us……