Community Support

Sullington Church has been active in the community for many years, helping those disadvantaged in life or just going through a difficult time and needing a little help getting through it. Whether it is help with groceries, school clothes or toys for Christmas, we try to help those in need, working together with well-established charity organisations such as Family Support and the local food hubs, to help support those in the local community requiring a little assistance. In addition we are pleased to support with donations, via the Church PCC and the congregation, other known local and national charities who operate in the area.

All Funds raised by using the “DONATE” button below will be ear-marked to help those in need in the local community. We do not want to duplicate efforts or re-invent the wheel. and will be working with other local organisations in order to ensure that every penny donated will be put to the best possible use and distributed to where they are most needed.

If you would like – and are able – to assist us in supporting the needy and vulnerable in our community at this difficult time then please click on the ‘DONATE’ button below and you will be offered a number of ways of how this may be done.

Thank You.