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Will a retreat at Sullington suit you?

In a busy world that is rarely ‘off’, the sense of place, peace and beauty in this ancient hamlet and the countryside surrounding it is really rewarding.   Sullington Manor FarmSullington is an ancient medieval settlement, tucked quietly into the north side of the South Downs. The lovely Saxon building of St Mary’s, Sullington, is a C of E parish church but everyone is welcome to this retreat, of any denomination or none. The yew tree, dated as over 1300 years old, is a tangible link to a distant age. It conveys a sense of the continuum of time and connections to the past and to the future, offering a source of strength now. Friendly hospitality and comfortable accommodation in the beautiful South Downs provides an excellent setting for companionable quiet time to retreat, reflect and rest.

Sullington is for those who seek space and time apart, an opportunity for you to lay aside the preoccupations of day-to-day living, so you may be inwardly still to think and feel. These are not silent retreats; we hope you will find quiet companionship with other retreatants and members of St Mary’s. The pace of life in the 21st century means it can be hard to find to ‘Give God a Chance’ but if you are looking for breathing space in the hubbub of life we hope our retreat will help.

Sullington Manor FarmWe offer spiritual thoughtfulness talks, Iona communion in the Saxon church and optional extra sessions of painting, walking and yoga against the backdrop of the South Downs. If you wish to come simply to rest and reflect you need not attend talks, services or activities. We hope a spiritual advisor will be available.


Accommodation is offered in five single storey cottages, Byre Cottages, next to the church. Full board is offered: self-catering breakfast is provided in the cottages and delicious home cooked meals are provided communally in adjacent barn. Tea and coffee facilities available in cottages throughout the retreat. Tea and coffee will be served in the barn during the day.

For further information, please contact:

Gail Kittle (Secretary), St Mary’s church, Sullington • Sullington Lane • Storrington • RH20 4AE
Tel: 01903 745754      Email